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Address: Center Road, Spanish Lookout, Belize
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Leading Suppliers of High-quality Butane Gas

We supply high-quality butane gas to the people of Belize.

Gas Equipment and Fittings of Premium Quality

We provide gas equipment and fittings of optimum quality.

Giving Right Amount For Right Price

At LP Gas & Supplies, we can provide you with everything you need. We are the leading wholesalers and retailers in Belize. We also sell and repair semi-automatic washing machines and their parts as well. We have stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, butane refrigerators, fans, table stoves, motorcycles, freezers, A/C’s, water heaters, beds, mattresses, chairs, tables and many more products. If you are planning to start an LPG station to serve butane gas for your community then we can provide you with the meters, pumps, stationary tanks, fittings and the hoses.

Our Products Include:

Butane stoveWe have our own brand by the name of ‘LP Appliances’. It includes washer machines, water heaters etc.

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LP Gas & SuppliesWe provide meters, pumps, stationary tanks, fittings, hoses and more. We can provide you with everything you need.

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Washing machineWe offer sales and repair services for semi-automatic washing machines. We also provide their parts.

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